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Houses That Smell are Hard to Sell

DeLena Ciamacco, rated number one realtor in Ohio, discusses her personal experience with Advanced Purification and their SanusAer® process. DeLena provides a testimonial of this very successful "green" technology scientifically proven to destroy the pollutants that poison the indoor environment (while destroying odors at the same time).


Healthy Schools – New Sanitization Technology Keeps Students & Staff Safe

Fran Voll, President & Principal of Marion Catholic High School, discusses his experience with Advanced Purification and their SanusAer process in sanitizing the school. AP has been treating schools since their launch in 2007, and has had amazing success with Locker Rooms, Gymnasiums, Sports Equipment, Cafeterias, etc. The SanusAer process is a green technology, scientifically proven to deodorize, disinfect, and destroy the biological pollutants that threaten students and staff in schools today.


YMCA and Athletic Facilities – New Cleaning Technology Keeps Athletes Safe

Theresa Lubke, Executive Director of Marion Family YMCA, discusses her personal experience with Advanced Purification and their SanusAer® process in sanitizing the facility. Advanced Purification has been treating the "Y" for the past two years, including their Locker rooms, Steam Rooms, Saunas, Wellness Center, etc. The SanusAer process is an enhancement to their current cleaning practices and has become an integral part of their sanitization tool box, reducing health risks to their membership.


Mold and Mildew Odor Removed

"I want to thank you both for going above and beyond what was expected to remove the strong odor and potentially unsafe air from my new home.   In buying a Sheriff’s sale home you never really know quite what the inside of the home is like because you don’t get to inspect it prior to the sale..." READ FULL TESTIMONIAL >>

Flooded Condominium Restored

"You did a wonderful job purifying my condominium.  It smells like brand new!  My basement flooded several times and had a musty smell…and now the smell is gone..." READ FULL TESTIMONIAL >>

MRSA Eliminated

"Wow, talk about perfect timing!  You just presented your new business concept to our homeless shelter board when we had the unfortunate incident with one of our residents contracting MRSA (the “super-bug”)..." READ FULL TESTIMONIAL >>

Smoke Odor Destroyed

"Thanks so much for treating my sun porch.  I have used my porch as a smoking room for years, and as a result, the rest of my family has not been able to enjoy using the room for quite some time..." READ FULL TESTIMONIAL >>

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