A Satisfied Customer from Powell, Ohio

Dear Brooks and Daniel:

I want to thank you both for going above and beyond what was expected to remove the strong odor and potentially unsafe air from my new home.   In buying a Sheriff’s sale home you never really know quite what the inside of the home is like because you don’t get to inspect it prior to the sale.  This particular house had experienced standing water that had soaked into the drywall and insulation of the partially finished basement resulting in a very strong mold and mildew smell throughout the house.

Even after I had the source of the moisture removed and remediated the smell still remained throughout the house.  Your whole house treatment of activated oxygen was the only thing that could remove the smell completely.   I was truly amazed at how well the process actually worked.  Now instead of smelling mildew in the basement it smelled like fresh wood from the framing studs that still remain. 

I purchased the home to live in with my wife and three small children and there was no way that I would have been able to move them into the house in what I would consider to be a hazardous environment prior to your treatment.  Not only did your treatment make the home smell better but more importantly it made the air safe to breath.   I was able to buy a nicer house then I would have otherwise been able to afford and received an appraisal on the home for $60,000 more than the purchase price just for removing the molded drywall and insulation and purifying the air with your process.   It truly smells and feels like a brand new home.

To truly demonstrate my gratitude for your exceptional service, please use me as a reference to any potential customers that have questions.  Thanks again.

Christopher A.
Powell, Ohio

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