Property Management Solutions

Our Green technology is scientifically proven to disinfect, deodorize, and destroy the sources that poison the indoor environment and is the superior solution for:

  • Sick Building Syndrome
  • Odor Elimination
  • Rental Unit Sanitization
  • Mold / Mildew
  • Flees, Ticks
  • Elimination of VOCs


Odors from smoking, cooking, pets, mold or mildew are all safely eliminated with our professionally applied treatments which also eradicate biological pollutants, dust mites, allergens, and volatile organic compounds.

We treat most buildings in less than 24 hours at a cost typically less than 30¢ per square foot (even lower on a contract basis).

We provide a Purification Certificate to the owner confirming that the commercial or residential property has been completely sanitized with our process.

The SanusAer® technology is a very effective, broad-based solution to the many problems encountered in property management involving indoor pollutants.

Dealing with these issues in a safe and efficient manner will ultimately lead to higher customer satisfaction.


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