How does Advanced Purification sanitize
the indoor environment?

Our certified professionals destroy indoor pollutants by applying SanusAer® shock treatments which use activated oxygen, nature's most powerful purifying agent. Activated Oxygen effectively deodorizes, disinfects, and destroys the sources that poison the indoor air.

How does the SanusAer® process work?

It creates a three atom oxygen molecule that attaches to pollutants that are hidden in crevices, carpets, drapes, furniture, under beds, in closets, on surfaces, and other places where normal air currents occur. Once attached, it oxidizes and destroys the pollutants, and then converts back to clean, breathable oxygen!

Are SanusAer® treatments effective?

Yes. Studies show that Activated Oxygen is far more effective than conventional disinfectants like hydrogen peroxide, iodine, or chlorine bleach. Because it is a gas, it literally treats all indoor surfaces. With a kill rate of over 99.99%, it will completely sanitize the indoor environment and eliminate all odors without leaving any chemical residue behind!

Are SanusAer® treatments economical?

Yes. Because our shock treatments are broad based, they are a lower cost to alternative methods that are only designed to treat specific problems. SanusAer® shock treatments eliminate biological and chemical pollutants with one treatment!

Is the use of activated oxygen safe?

Yes. When professionally applied, shock treatments are completely safe. SanusAer® is the "green" sanitization technology of the future available today! In fact, activated oxygen is currently used to purify the food we eat and the water we drink.


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