Books on Home Health

Below is a list of books that we recommend if you are interested in home health tips and keeping your residence safe.

The Mold Survival Guide for your Home Health by: Jeffrey C. May
"In The Mold Survival Guide, a prominent indoor air quality professional teams up with a writing specialist to describe mold, to explain where and why it flourishes in homes, and to offer advice on how to eradicate mold while minimizing health risks." ©2004

My House is Killing Me! by: Jeffrey C. May
"The home guide for families with allergies and asthma." ©2001

Healthy Home Tips by: Jeffrey C. May
"A workbook for detecting, diagnosing and eliminating pesky pests, stinky stenches, musty mold, and other aggrevating home problems." ©2001

The Homeowner's Guide to Mold by: Michael Pugliese, CMR, CMT
"Expert guidance to protect your health and your home." ©2006


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